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Bunkering in the port of New York

The Port of New York and New Jersey, nestled along the eastern seaboard of the United States, stands as a bustling gateway for international trade and receives the most first port of calls out of any US East Coast port.

Spanning across the shores of both New York and New Jersey, the port is a massive hub that encompasses an extensive network of terminals, piers, and berths. Its sheer size and capacity make it one of the largest ports in the US, handling a wide array of cargo, including containers, automobiles, bulk goods, and, of course, fuel.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey oversees the area, which boasts six container terminals and two cruise terminals. The port receives millions of passengers every year, and handled 6.1 million twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) containers in 2022 – a 3% gain on the year before. That made it the third biggest container-handling port in the US, only behind Los Angeles and Long Beach.

It features an extensive network of oil pipelines, storage tanks and loading facilities, ensuring efficient distribution and deliveries of various bunker fuel types.

Bunker suppliers deliver HSFO, LSMGO and VLSFO fuel grades in New York by barge, truck and ex-pipe. The port is located in an Emission Control Area (ECA) with a 0.10% sulphur limit on fuels used onboard ships. 10 physical bunker suppliers offer ECA-compliant LSMGO, while nine suppliers offer VLSFO – the most popular fuel grade for voyages outside of global ECAs. Only three suppliers offer HSFO, which can only be consumed by vessels that have installed with exhaust scrubbers.

Availability of all bunker fuel grades is generally steady and the port’s bunker suppliers are mostly able to accommodate stems on a prompt basis. New York is not as prone to weather disruptions as many other US ports.

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