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Bunkering in the port of Durban

Durban is a major bunkering port located on the east coast of South Africa, strategically positioned at the southern end of the African continent. The port offers an array of services to the shipping industry, including fuel bunkering, repairs and maintenance. As a bunkering port, Durban is typically well-equipped to meet the fuel needs of vessels transiting through the Indian Ocean, and bunker prices in Durban tend to be competitive with other African ports.

Two oil majors supply HSFO, VLSFO and LSMGO grades physically in the port. Bunker suppliers in Durban and other South African ports have become completely reliant on imports after the country’s remaining oil refineries shut down for various reasons in recent years.

Durban has dedicated berths and pipelines that ensure efficient and safe delivery of bunker fuels to vessels. The port has also implemented strict environmental controls to ensure that marine fuels are handled and transported in a responsible manner.

In addition to its bunkering capabilities, Durban is a key transit point for vessels traveling to and from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Bulk carriers and container ships are the most common vessel types to call at Durban, followed by oil and chemical tankers, vehicle carriers and general cargo vessels.

The port boasts modern infrastructure, including deep-water berths, container terminals and dry docks, making it a potential stopover for ships handling cargo or requiring maintenance, repairs and other services.

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