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Bunkering off Skaw

Not to be confused with the Danish Port of Skagen, Skaw is a strategic bunkering location situated off the northernmost point of Denmark, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. It is a vital bunker location for the shipping industry, serving as a gateway to the Baltic Sea, which is one of the busiest and most important shipping areas in the world. Skaw offers a wide range of services to ships, including bunkering, repairs and maintenance.

As a bunkering location, Skaw has several advantages. Suppliers offer all the main marine fuel grades, ensuring that ships can obtain the types of fuel they require. Bunker prices are typically competitive with locations in northern Europe. Five physical bunker suppliers offer VLSFO and LSMGO grades off Skaw, and two offer HSFO. Biofuel blends are also available from certain suppliers.

The bunkering process is facilitated with modern equipment and dedicated bunker barges, which means that fuels are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Bulk carriers, crude tankers, oil product and chemical tankers are the most common ships to drop anchor off Skaw.

Rough winter weather can hold back bunkering, especially during periods of gale-force winds. For bunker suppliers with optionality, vessels may then be brought into the nearby Gothenburg Roads for shelter and more conducive bunker conditions. Suppliers alternate between off Skaw and Gothenburg Roads as bunker options, depending on wind and wave directions.

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