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Bunkering off Malta

Ships prefer bunkering in Malta due to the island’s strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. They can easily bunker off Malta without deviation on voyages between northern Europe and the Suez Canal, for example.

Offshore bunkering is carried out in six designated bunkering areas off Malta. Ships are allocated to the respective bunkering areas by the Vessel Traffic Services. More than 17 bunker barges operate in Malta, supplying HSFO, VLSFO and LSMGO grades at anchorages.

Bunker suppliers load their delivery barges from pipelines at Flagstone Wharf, the Deep Water Quay and Ras Hanzir Dophins in the Port of Valetta. In Marsaxlokk port in the southeastern region of Malta, barges can load product at the San Lucian Oil Terminal.

Truck deliveries are also possible in Maltese ports and suppliers can cater to bunker demand from small boats such as harbor vessels, tugboat, yachts and cruise vessels. Demand from cruise ships contribute considerably towards Malta’s overall bunker demand. A total of 283 cruise ships visited Malta’s Valetta Cruise Terminal in 2022.

The Port of Valetta, also known as the Great Harbour, is a key seaport in Malta and handles the majority of its maritime trade operations. Apart from cruise call facilities, the port also offers other services such as dry docking and ship repairs.

Eight physical suppliers offer VLSFO and LSMGO for bunkering off Malta, and one supplier offers HSFO. All of these fuel grades are typically priced at the most competitive levels in the east Mediterranean region, and they can often also compete with Gibraltar Strait ports to the west.

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