Fuel Management Solution

Highly-customised marine fuel management service to suit your business needs.


Accessible via a unique customer portal, Fuel Management Solution (FMS) offers marine fuel management services with full transparency throughout the entire procurement process and a clear audit trail.

Tailored Service

Every customer using FMS will receive an assigned Account Manager who will ensure the highest quality service 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This marine fuel management service steps beyond bunker procurement and offers customers with optimised bunkering plans for their entire fleet.


We appreciate that the bunker market is becoming an increasingly complex space which is why FMS includes functionalities within the customer portal specifically designed to adhere to current regulatory compliance as well as allow customers to track and share with third parties, as required.
Fuel Management Solution

Remove The Guesswork

Integr8’s marine fuel management service, Fuel Management Solution (FMS), operates on an entirely open-book basis whereby Integr8 manages all bunker procurement and planning for a pre-agreed and fixed fee. This service is ideal for customers seeking maximum transparency, auditability and regulatory compliance.

Additionally, Integr8 remains as the counter party to each and every trade completed via the FMS portal to ensure peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of an open book brokerage service.

FMS - Remove Guesswork
Integr8 FMS Introduction

A brief introduction to Integr8’s Fuel Management Service.

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