News May 24, 2023

Bunker Quality Trends Report 2023

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Analysing data from 60 million metric tons of supply, Integr8 Fuels’ latest bi-annual report reveals several regional and parametric trends with regards to fuel quality and consistency, including;

  • VLSFO obtained in ARA is approximately 14 times more likely to have Sulphur levels exceeding 0.50% than Singapore, although with careful buying we can avoid this risk.
  • The epicentre for hidden losses associated with Density remains in one of Southeast Asia’s most popular ports.
  • There are continued challenges of non-homogenous VLSFO blends in the industry.

The report provides an in-depth assessment of key trends across all commercial fuel grades and key ports, answering questions such as, how likely am I to be faced with an off-specification situation, what are the most problematic parameters, which ports pose the highest risk, and what steps should I take when faced with a claim?

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Topics covered include:

  • The supply landscape relating to availability and specifications
  • Off-specification trends and problematic parameters
  • Geographical variances and “hot spots”
  • ISO 8217:2017 and the headwinds continuing to mute demand
  • MARPOL & SOLAS compliance challenges
  • The risk of non-homogenous VLSFO blends and the impact to the end user
  • Hidden losses that are often not considered when purchasing
  • Statistically, what quality time bar is suitable for the bunkering location?
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Chris Turner
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