News October 12, 2023

Integr8 discusses the commercial outlook for bunkering at ARACON 2023

Out with the old, but what is the new? The commercial outlook for bunkering.

At this year’s ARACON, Integr8’s Bunker Quality & Claims Manager, Chris Turner, will be part of an expert panel discussing the impact of macro-environmental conditions on the bunker industry.

This session, moderated by Founder & CEO of Petrospot, Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, takes place on Thursday 19th October.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Sanctions and due diligence processes
  • Decarbonisation forcing new ways of working and to what extent will the ARA market facilitate the sale and purchase of new bunker fuels?
  • How will high interest rates impact the credit landscape for bunker companies and the marine fuels sector?
  • Fuel quality trends and whether the ARA market has begun to shed its reputation for short deliveries and fuel quality problems
  • The advent of digitalisation in bunkering and shipping

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